Kalimat Verb Phrase, Tenses, Compliment and Modifier

Contoh kalimat (Subject – Verb – Compliment – Modifier)

  1. I borrowed Phillip Kotler’s book in the library two days ago.

Keterangan :   I = Subject

borrowed = Verb2

Phillip Kotler’s book = Object

in the library = preposition of place (complement)

two days ago = Modifier (modify adverb of time)

  1. Deadpool was a great movie.

Keterangan :   Deadpool = Subject

was = To be

a great = Modifier (modify noun)

movie = Noun


Contoh kalimat Verb Phrase

  1. She will never come here again.

Keterangan :   She = Subject

will, come = Verb Phrase

never = Adverb

  1. He has worked at the office since June.

Keterangan :   He = Subject

Has worked = Verb Phrase


Contoh kalimat Tenses (Past, Present and Future)

Past Tense

  1. I posted my assignment two minutes ago.

Keterangan :   I = Subject

posted = Verb2

my assignment = Object

two minutes ago = Adverb of time

  1. Last week i read Phillip Kotler’s book in the library.

Keterangan :   Last week = Adverb of time

i = Subject

read = Verb2

Phillip Kotler’s book = Object

in the library = Preposition of place

Present Tense

Habitual ction

  1. He drives his car fast everyday.

Keterangan :   He = Subject

drives = Verb1

his car = Object

fast = Adjective

everyday = Adverb of time

General truth

  1. The earth revolves around the sun.

Keterangan :   The earth = Subject

revolves = Verb

the sun = Object

Future Tense

  1. I am going to meet the lecturer tomorrow morning.

Keterangan :   I = Subject

am = To be

going to = Be

meet = Verb

the lecturer = Object

tomorrow morning = Adverb of time

  1. The lecturer will approve your research title.

Keterangan :   The lecturer = Subject

approve = Verb

your research title = Object

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